Artifax Digital

A Blockchain Marketing & Media Agency

Who We Are

We are next generation creators, bringing innovative visions to life & sharing compelling stories with the world.

We don’t follow; we innovate. Our goals are big, but our results are bigger. Our experiences are diverse, yet we’re fueled by an innate curiosity to open new doors for blockchain technology with the power of the web to forge deeper relationships between your breakthroughs and your consumers.

What we do

We are a specialized Blockchain marketing & media agency for your brand, offering services tailored for an industry on the forefront of technological innovation.


Crafting your brand’s identity begins with a diligently developed Content Strategy. From there, we’ll construct derivative strategies to coordinate a structured deployment of your brand’s marketing efforts and engage your audiences effectively.

Content Creation

A well crafted narrative for your brand should be comprised of multiple forms of media. Understanding this, our in-house content teams will produce the most effective suite of multimedia for your brand to publish and distribute as your own.

Social Media Management

Your brand’s social channels should be a consistent and firm representation of your brand’s identity. We will manage your social channels with the same respect and regards, deploying effective audience building strategies and engagement proofing methods.

Community Management

Building and shaping communities for your brand is a service that requires patience, persistence, and the right touch of finesse. Utilizing the most effective practices, paired with community building conventions, we will scale your communities at the rate in which your Brand grows and develops.

Email Marketing

There is no need to go knocking door to door, pitching your brand endlessly in hopes that people will invest in your vision. With our email marketing services, your brand will be the most elegant house of the cul-de-sac, inviting your audiences directly into your brand’s home.

Digital Advertising

Media buying is incredibly particular in the Blockchain industry. Constantly developing our media plan foundation for compliance and cross platform effectiveness is a given that comes with our media buying services. Rest assured, your brand is reaching the right people, building awareness in a manner that is compliant across all global borders.

Our Process

We create brands and experiences that people love.


Our team does a top to bottom analysis of your business to ensure that the value we can bring to the table is absolutely vital for your business. If we can’t support the bandwidth to provide the Artifax Approach, respectfully, we cannot be of service to your business.


Utilizing your brand’s outlined identity, we will develop and deploy an omnichannel media strategy across all of your platforms, ensuring effective approaches with our gathered case studies, feedback analytics, and measurable KPIs.


Harnessing your brand’s outreach goals, our digital team will deploy our content strategy, our marketing strategy, and our media plan through our media distribution pipeline to effectively close the feedback loop and optimize our efforts for your business, top to bottom.


We are data-driven, and we are agile. We believe in results based on facts, not intuition. By analyzing all data through the entire pipeline of our marketing efforts, we effectively optimize our campaigns accordingly.

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